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Badang, Ong Sum Ping and Hang Tuah are 3 legendary heroes in Malaysian folklore.

They are also celebrated in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

Ong Sum Ping [who may have been three different princes of China who lived at different times but all travelled to Malaysian soil and married local women] was a prince of China who married into the royal clans of Brunei, Sulu and Makasar (the Bugis).

He eventually settled in Sabah and became the regent of the Sultans of Brunei and Sulu.

He also married into the family of the paramount chief of the Orang Sungai Kadazandusun subgroup in Sandakan and became the paramount chief of the Kadazandusuns in Sabah.

Many of the Brunei, Sulu and Bugis royals are his heirs, as are most Orang Sungai Kadazandusuns.

One of Ong Sum Ping’s descendants from his Bugis royal wife was Badang, the army chief of the Johor-Riau empire.

According to legend, Badang settled in Johor and married a native Kallang woman from Singapore.

One day, Badang met a genie. The hungry genie had stolen his catch from the Johor Straits.

Badang wanted to kill the genie, but it apologised and offered to give Badang superhuman strength.

Badang had to drink the genie’s puke in order to gain such strength, and he did it without hesitation.

Badang became a superman and army chief of the Sultan of Johor-Riau. He created a dynasty of army chiefs and one of his heirs was Hang Mahmud, the father of Hang Tuah.

Hang Tuah and his cousins Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu (the sons of Hang Mahmud’s younger brother) became great knights of Johor-Riau (and later Melaka).

Hang Tuah’s sons Hang Isap, Hang Siak and Hang Nadim also became great knights of Johor-Riau and Melaka. They fought the Portuguese invaders of Melaka in 1511.

Hang Jebat’s son (and Hang Tuah’s son-in-law) Khoja Hassan also fought the Portuguese.

Khoja Hassan settled in Makasar and one of his heirs married the Bugis prince Daeng Rilaga.

Three sons of Daeng Rilaga namely Daeng Perani, Daeng Merewah and Daeng Celak helped Sultan Sulaiman Shah 1 who ruled Johor in 1720 quell a revolt by his cousin, Raja Kecil (Raja Rahmat) of Siak.

Daeng Perani, Daeng Merewah and Daeng Celak were made the regents of Selangor by Sultan Sulaiman. Daeng Merewah and Daeng Celak became Deputy Sultans of Johor or Yang Dipertuan Muda Johor.

The heirs of Daeng Celak are today the royal house of Selangor. Many members of the Johor royal house have the blood of Daeng Perani, Daeng Merewah and Daeng Celak.

The second son of Daeng Rilaga, Daeng Menambun and the youngest son, Daeng Kemasi, married into the royal house of Brunei.

Diambil dari sini….banar inda banar, terpulang kepada biskita untuk menilai…mun inda paham Bahasa Inggeris minta terjemahkan saja arah yang pandai…hehe..kes malas kan mentranslate…satu perkara ganya yang ku hairan…mengapa sejarah miani inda pernah ada di Brunei ataupun pernah sampai ketelinga ku….hmmm…


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